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MapperG™ is an add-on subscription service to MapInfo Professional (version 8.5 or newer) that allows you to view Google Maps and Aerial imagery in MapInfo Professional. Add Street Maps, Aerial Imagery, Hybrid Maps, or Terrain Maps from Google Maps with the click of a button. Since 2009, MapperG have been making MapInfo Pro easier to use and master.

MapperG integrates with your MapInfo mapper window and allows you to overlay your own vector data over high resolution imagery from Google Maps, giving you a clear view of your customer or retail locations, utilities infrastructure, or trade areas.

Street Maps for the World

MapperG Premium brings Street Maps for World seamless into MapInfo Pro. Layer management has never been easier. Work with your important vector level data and leave the rest to us. Maps automatically refresh as you pan or zoom your map.

Roof top or
Street Level geocoding

MapperG now allows for international geocoding from directly within MapInfo Pro via the Google Geocoding API. MapperG Basic includes single-address geocoding, and MapperG Premium also enables batch geocoding for up to 1000 records per day.

building or Store Front Images

Quickly add a StreetView image by clicking and dragging. A new mapper window will be created for you. Come to a better understanding of your target location.

Aerial Images for the World

MapperG Premium lets you display Aerial images for the World in your map or layout windows. You can also add Hybrid, Terrain or even transparent Street maps with a just a click of the mouse.

High Resolution Large Format Printing

MapperG Premium enables optimized printing for large format maps by re-samplying and using multiple Google Images. Combine Aerial Imagery, Street Maps, StreetView Pictures and your Analysis in your Large Format Prints for better site Analysis.

Quickly Find an Address or Postal Code anywhere

MapperG Premium enables quick international geocoding for a single record without loading additional files.

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Why MapperG?

Personal Statement from Duncan Campbell, VP of Sales:

Being a business guy, I tasked our development group with the simple instructions: Make MapInfo Pro easier to use.  Most users are interested in the results and not in the journey. MapperG was born in 2009 and has been serving users around the world since then.

Mapper MapperG Premium is available for purchase. We also offer a Premium Evaluation which is good for 7 days, and allows you to request up to 200 individual map images to add into your MapInfo map, and batch geocoding is also enabled for up to 200 records. Try out MapperG.


Premium Evaluation


7 Day Trial

Request up to 200 individual map images to add into your MapInfo map. Batch geocoding is also enabled for up to 200 records.





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In addition to MapperG, we also offer a full range of software, data, and consulting and support services to fit all of your mapping needs.
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Here are some samples of the imagery available through MapperG.

MapperG is in use worldwide